Tabernanthe Iboga is an herbal remedy used for neurological diseases and drug de-addiction in Folk medicines of Gabon and Central Africa. It contains Ibogaine, which is a psychoactive alkaloid and central nervous system stimulant.

The stimulation effect of Tabernanthe Iboga plant in crude or powdered form is mild, but the potential stimulation and hallucination are reported with its alkaloid or extract.

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Depending on how ibogaine is extracted from the root bark, it comes in either a powdered TA form or a powdered HCl Iboga (hydrochloride). If using the concentrated TA powder, you can start your dose anywhere from 50-100mg. Then, depending on how it affects you, you can tinker with the dose from there. Ibogaine powder in HCl form is purer than the TA form, so try starting at around 25mg per microdose. The powder can be put into capsules, ingested orally, or diluted in liquids. By all accounts, the taste of ibogaine is very bitter and earthy. A proper amount for a microdose varies between people and depends on your product. Always start with a low amount that you feel comfortable with. Iboga

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