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You are buying 1 Gram of 40x salvia divinorum extract. All salvia extract products are professionally packaged in resealable bags with high grade and lab-tested salvia divinorum. Shipping is from within the USA.

This product is lab-tested and has a full satisfaction guarantee.

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40x Salvia Extract

Product Information

Our salvia for sale is one of the highest quality salvia that you can buy online. If you purchase our salvia today, in roughly three days, you will receive the #1 salvia in the USA!

Salvia divinorum, aka salvia, is a natural plant that typically grows in Mexico. We take the plant and chop it up to extract Salvinorin-A, which is the main active psychotropic molecule in Salvia divinorum. We then mix the Salvinorin-A extract with freshly chopped up salvia leaves in a certain scientific amount to create a “salvia extract”.

Salvia has been used for thousands of years by the Mazatec Indians.

Salvia is great for parties!!

Scientific Information:

Each bag of salvia contains 1 gram of salvia mixture (ground up leaves + Salvinorin-A). Out of the 1 gram of salvia mixture, each bag contains 40mg of actual salvia (Salvinorin-A).  Each bag of salvia equals 33 ounces of salvia leaves.

Salvia Dosage:

Below is a chart showing the correct “dosage” to gain the full effect. We get the dosage below by calculating: the 200 / strength of the salvia extract. We then double that number to calculate the “loss” of the salvia mixture during the heating process.

However, most people just pack a bowl of salvia in a pipe or bong and then light it up. We suggest initially using about .25 Grams per “dosage”.

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