Rick and Morty LSD Set of 2

This sheet consists of:

150ug (20 tab)
150ug, one sheet(100 Tabs)
200ug(20 tab)
200ug one sheet (100 tabs)
300ug (20 Tabs)
300ug one sheet (100 tabs)
350ug (20 tabs)
350ug one sheet (100 tabs)

Tabs: 100
Size: 2.5″ x 2.5″
Perforation: 1/4 Inch tabs

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Rick and Morty 

Rick and Morty travel to a factory. During the flight, Morty mentions that Rick might be setting him up for a double-cross. Rick tells Morty that they don’t have to worry – and as a last ditch effort, if things “go wrong”, that he’s got a plan, and tells Morty to leap into the same vat of acid he does. Morty still complains, and says he should be doing English homework. However, Rick doesn’t budge and resumes the ride.

Rick meets up with some intergalactic barters who he trades with. All seems well until the dealer tells Rick he’s been duped, and that they successfully scammed Rick. Angered by this, Rick forms a third arm and shoots a dealer in the head. However, still held at gunpoint, Rick and Mortys are forced to jump in the vat of fake acid that he prepared in advance. Rick and Morty sink to the bottom of the vat of acid, and open up predetermined hatches in order to trick the dealers into thinking that they died.

How is it used?
LSD is usually swallowed, or dissolved under the tongue, but it can
also be sniffed, injected or smoked.

Using LSD with other drugs
The effects of taking LSD with other drugs − including
over-the-counter or prescribed medications − can be unpredictable and
dangerous, and could cause:
•       LSD + ice, speed or ecstasy: can increase the chances of a bad trip
and can also lead to panic
•       LSD + alcohol: increased nausea and vomiting.
Tolerance and dependence
Tolerance develops rapidly to the effects of LSD. After the third or
fourth consecutive days of taking Rick and Morty, no amount of the drug can
produce the desired effects. However, after a short period of
abstinence (about 3-4 days) normal tolerance returns.


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150ug (20 tab), 150ug, one sheet(100 Tabs), 200ug(20 tab), 200ug one sheet (100 tabs), 300ug (20 Tabs), 300ug one sheet (100 tabs), 350ug (20 tabs), 350ug one sheet (100 tabs)


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