Dmt crystal is a chemical substance that occurs in many plants and animals and which is both a derivative and a structural analog of tryptamine. It can be consumed as a psychedelic drug and has historically been prepared by various cultures for ritual purposes as an entheogen.

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Dmt crystals

Dmt crystal is a powerful psychedelic drug and a type of tryptamine alkaloid. It is a naturally occurring substance, found in various plants and animals, and in small quantities in the human brain, where its function is unknown. DMT is famous for its power only lasts 5 to 30 minutes when smoked.  In its pure form, the drug is a white to yellow crystalline solid.

DMT is a powerful hallucinogen

The drug is relatively rare due to the lack of commercial demand and the scarcity of people with the knowledge and motivation to isolate it from plants. Still, as a molecule, it seems like a terrain ripe for discovery.

What Does DMT look like?
  • It looks like a white crystalline powder or solid, when in its pure form
  • It looks like a brownish/red liquid when part of an ayahuasca brew
  • when not pure, Dimitri is a yellow, orange, or pink powder or solid, which is more common
  • A brownish/green herbal mixture, when mixed with herbs to make changa

Fast and important facts about N-Dimethyltryptamine Dmt crystals

  • DMT has been used as a drug for thousands of years.
  • Side effects include powerful hallucinations
  • The use of the drug as part of the shamanic ritual is common in South America.
  • Due to the nature of the drug, Dimethyltryptamine is known as the “spirit molecule.”
  • Synthetic DMT kicks in pretty fast, producing effects within 5 to 10 minutes and Plant-based brews tend to produce effects within 20 to 60 minutes.
  • Generally, the effects of DMT crystals when inhaled, snorted, or injected will last for about 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Drinking N-Dimethyltryptamine DMT crystals in a brew like ayahuasca can leave you tripping for anywhere from 2 to 6 hours.
  • DMT naturally occurs in many plant species, this is where DMT comes from
  • DMT is the main active ingredient in Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is traditionally prepared using two plants called Banisteriopsis caapi and Psychotria Viridis. It is the latter that contains DMT while the former contains MAOIs, which prevent certain enzymes in your body from breaking down consumed DMT.


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