Name: Skype

Other Names: (bi-layer tablet)

Unique Code: xxOSL

Marquis: Purple

Mecke: Blue to Dark Blue

Mandelin: Purple – Brown

Color: Blue or White

Side: 502 mg, 86 x12.2 x 6.14


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Substance: 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine

Dosage: max. 1.5 mg MDMA per kg body weight for men, max. 1.3 mg per kg of body weight for women.
Duration of action: how long does MDMA stay in your system after approx. 30 min, 4-6 hours.
Effect: MDMA mainly causes an increased release of the body’s own messenger substance serotonin. This distribution triggers a feeling of euphoria, lightness and light-heartedness. Eyesight and hearing change, touch and music are felt more intensely, inhibitions are broken down and the need for contact is increased. Feeling of hunger, thirst and tiredness are reduced and alertness
is increased. Body temperature and blood pressure also rise.

Side effects:

Jaw grinding, muscle tremors, nausea and increased blood pressure. The heart, liver and kidneys are particularly stressed. There is a risk of dehydration or even heat stroke as the body temperature rises.

Safer use rules – thanks to Safer city
– If you do not have the opportunity to have substances analyzed, always try half a pill, wait 2 hours after taking and experience the effect
– Think carefully whether it is really necessary to refill.
– Remember: Drink non-alcoholic beverages (3dl / hour), take breaks in the fresh air from time to time


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