Kratom Extract Tablets

Looking for the best Kratom Extracts? No need to look further! psychedelics med hub has created the ultimate package to compress the goodness of the miracle plant Mitragyna Speciosa into a compact and handy tablet.

We have imported the best quality kratom leaves to produce a superb full spectrum kratom extract and compressed it into a tablet. If you value fast-acting, potent, and easy on-the-go options for your kratom, you must give the psychedelics med hub Kratom tablets a try. We will promise you won’t get disappointed.




The Handy Kratom

Good things come in small packages. Kratom Extract Tablets have become very popular within the botanical community and people looking for natural alternatives. The form this product packages the wonders of kratom is handy, easy, and fast-acting.

This is a product combining quality and innovation, creating an ideal way of storing and carrying kratom with you. What makes it great, is that it holds all the same alkaloids found naturally within the leaves.

Each jar contains 5 potent tablets with 60mg of mitragynine in each. Containing pure and natural alkaloid extract, this product comprises all the ideal kratom effects. The result is an elaborate mix of wide spectrum alkaloids reaching a whole new level of potency.

Full Kratom Effects

Kratom is sold in many forms like powder, liquid, and capsules. But this tablet form of extract might just be the best of them. Try for yourself. It is handy, easy, and comfortable. We strive to find new and effective ways to improve well-being.

This is why we bring the extract tablets to markets! A product that combines quality, innovation, and care. It is comparable to the invention of sliced bread. Containing pure and natural alkaloid extract, this product comprises all the ideal kratom effects. The result is an elaborate aroma that reaches a whole new level of potency.

Potent Alkaloid profile

We are so happy to bring this highly sought-after extract in an extremely handy tablet format among the first ones. Its superior quality and convenient consistency have earned it somewhat magical fame. psychedelics med hub Kratom Extract Tablets boost the most unique yet most potent alkaloid profile. You can carry them with you on your travels and store them easily. They are exactly what everyone interested in natural alternatives asked for!

Lab-grade and tested Quality

Our extracts are manufactured using only the best practices. Every batch of raw material is lab tested for safety thus free of any contaminants. They are also tested for alkaloids content to guarantee potency and consistency.

For us every detail matters in the quality and safety of our products. We love to bring new ways to improve wellbeing. This is our Mission at psychedelics med hub and it is why we bring this product to you! These tablets are the most popular out there thanks to the highest quality available!

Our products are made from premium Southeast Asian kratom. Expertise processing units are used in the manufacturing of pure and fresh kratom. We promise the efficacy and quality of the ingredients by choosing only the best suppliers and monitoring every stage of the process.



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