Changa is a smokeable mixture containing the psychoactive substance dimethyltryptamine (DMT). The mixture most often comprises a blend of Psychotria Viridis (aka chacruna), which contains DMT, and Baniseriopsis Caapi, which contains a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAO-I).


Changa Dmt

Changa refers to a blend of smokable herbs spiked with DMT. However, there is plenty of debate within the psychedelic community over what constitutes true changa. A true Changa Dmt contains the ayahuasca vine. Without ayahuasca, in the Changa Dmt, the duration will not be the same, and the same smoothness will not be there.

Some common changa herbs include Mimosa hostilis (jurema preta) and  Peganum harmala (Syrian rue)

What Does Smoking Changa Do

DMT is dubbed the spirit molecule for a reason. It’s an entheogen. An entheogen is a plant or synthetic drug that can inspire feelings of intense spirituality.

 In traditional ceremonies, ayahuasca is used as a conduit to the spirit world. how that spirit world manifests to you and how you understand it is likely influenced by culture and language. In scientific terms, Changa Dmt may induce bodily processes that mimic those that occur during near-death experiences.

How is Changa Made

Making changa requires some basic knowledge of herbalism. Two biochemical elements make Changa Dmt effective: DMT and an enzyme called an MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitor). Changa is made using herbs that work synergistically with DMT. In its smoked form, pure DMT does trigger a hallucinogenic experience. But it does not last long. DMT is quickly broken down in the human body by MAO enzymes. This enzyme is usually responsible for breaking down neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.

Changa vs. DMT vs. Ayahuasca

Changa may contain the ayahuasca vine, but the changa experience is a far cry from that of traditionally prepared ayahuasca. The most significant difference between the two is how they are consumed. You smoke changa, but you drink ceremonial ayahuasca. When you smoke changa, the resulting psychoactive experience lasts for 10 to 15 minutes with up to 40 minutes of afterglow.

In contrast, the traditional ayahuasca experience can last between two and six hours, depending on the dose. In some ways, Changa Dmt is like a meaningful hike, whereas ayahuasca is a pilgrimage. Both of these forms are different from freebasing DMT, which lasts a mere 10 to 20 minutes a short trip around the hallucinogenic block.

Changa: DMT Experience

As with any psychedelic, everyone’s experience on changa is different and will also be different each time they do it. Visuals are common on changa: colors, patterns, and distortion of light. Many also report that Changa Dmt makes them feel more aware of their body aches and pains that they have been feeling, but perhaps have not been paying attention.


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