Do you panic when you’re in a large crowd at festivals? Feeling a bit off when you drop? Check out these ways to calm anxiety so you can stay in the groove.

Anxiety disorder, also known as crowd anxiety, is a common mental illness estimated to affect 40 million people in America.

It’s a common disorder that affects ordinary individuals, and it impacts their quality of life. Anxiety disorders are also associated with depression. In spite of the situation, people who are uncomfortable in public places deserve an exciting life. What they need to develop are ways to calm anxiety.

Let’s explore 10 ways to calm anxiety when festival hopping.

1. Accept Your Situation

When you feel the urge to step out and enjoy that festival, remember your situation. Many people get the strong feeling to step out and enjoy only for them to relapse. Accept your condition and know there are days you will not be able to get into crowds.

Work on what you can do at a time, and if you find yourself scared, do not beat yourself up too hard. Keep trying to overcome the fear.

It’s fine if you get scared. The more you accept your situation, the more likely you will grow in strength and conquer it.

2. Seek Professional Guidance Before Hitting the Road

Many people with anxiety disorders are not aware that they can get professional help and recover from it. You can shield yourself by planning to seek help way before the festival. This action gives you tips for anxiety control and how to overpower it around crowds.

Your therapist will recommend new ways of coping with your situation. These include ‘talk therapy’ and the use of medication. Talk therapy gives you an elaborate way to handle the situation, while medications will tackle the symptoms.

3. Position Yourself Perfectly at a Festival

The best weapon to counter extreme nervousness during a festival is to be pre-informed about the event and venue. Do your homework and learn a little history of the event and the venue.

It’s good if you get a seat a bit far from the front line or middle of the park. The position gives you relief and a sense of security. Know and plan your exit to avoid passing through areas that are overly crowded.

4. Build a Shield of Familiar Faces Around You

When with familiar faces, you are likely to feel at home. Form a mini-festival with these familiar faces and be sure to share memories that will last a lifetime.

Bring people who will give you tips on what to do when anxiety hits. Company is not just for fun, but to stand by you through thick and thin. Enjoy the fun while still feeling secure.

5. Learn to Take Control of Your Thoughts

When out at a festival, plant positive thoughts in your mind. See yourself enjoying the whole moment rather than thinking about issues such as a stampede.

When a cloud of scary thoughts invade, ensure you can brush it away easily. See yourself years from today relaying the good experience you had. Nothing is going to ruin your day, not even your fears.

6. Increase Your Awareness of Self

Get an entire map of your surroundings. Also, ensure you remain in control of yourself. Being aware of yourself means that you can respond accordingly if anything good or bad happens.

Do not be too focused on the music, for example, and fail to observe how your friends are enjoying the moment.

Some people try to overcome anxiety in public places by drinking excessively. Remember, if you lose your awareness due to intoxication, you lose the plot. Take what you can handle.

7. Find Positive Therapies and Ways to Calm Anxiety

While some consume alcohol and other hard drugs, opting for something that’s easy on you can be positive. For example, using CBD hemp flowers can provide a calming effect and get rid of anxiety but still keep you well aware of yourself.

CBD hemp flowers do not give the ‘high’ associated with Sativa. This leaves you in full control of any situation so that you can get into the groove and enjoy your festival.

8. Bring Food If It Is Allowed

Most festivals will restrict what you bring into the venue for security purposes. However, they might not restrict snacks like cookies and an energy bar. Chewing gum can take off attention from your surroundings.

However, remain in control of your situation and do not consume too much food. You might end up drawing attention, which will then trigger an anxiety attack. Just a little bit at a time and you are good to go.

9. Minimize External Links but Still Be in Touch with Outside World

You can bring your phone to the festival and use it. However, as much as you need these gadgets, don’t let them distract you. Take as many photos as you want, and upload them on Instagram. But don’t forget that you are at a festival, not at home hanging out online.

It is good to be in touch with the social media world, but do not overdo it. Otherwise, you are going to miss some memorable moments.

10. Participate and Enjoy the Festival

The biggest thing that stands between you and your enjoyment is fear. Starve the fear by fully taking part in the event. Sing along, dance when you can, eat the food being offered, and engross yourself fully. That way, you can overcome your anxiety.

If you sit still and focus on your anxiety, chances are that it will build up inside of you and sooner or later, you will erupt. Enjoy the moment and live to tell it.

Be Conscious of Your Situation but Don’t Forget to Have Fun

We have observed the various ways to calm anxiety. We have also seen how to take charge of your situation as you entertain yourself at a festival. By following some of the tips mentioned above, you are sure to have fun.

However, if you feel that you are still not ready to attend an extravaganza, then it’s no big deal. The best thing is to take your time until you feel that you can give it a try.

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